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March 30, 2007

why i still do this (and why individually created internet radio stations are great)

several years ago, i found this amazing blog post online about the Afternoon Nap. it was one of a couple different things I read about the stream that really inspired me to keep it running. I thought I'd share it with you, since the original copy is now offline. (and if you're Jarius, the original author of the blog entry, please contact me if you'd like me to take it down.) I'd saved a copy years ago, just ran across it again, and thought i'd post it here for ya'll to read,

there aren't many things i read that just shake my beliefs to the foundations about the impact of what i'm doing. this is one of them.


A year ago, I used to spend all of my time indoors. I had an incredible house, filled constantly with interesting people, excellent comfy couches, imported incense, and loud music.

The music of choice was always some random internet radio station, as we'd set the visualization from winamp to run to the television we had in the living room, providing something interesting to hear, and see, for all our guests. Not suprisingly, there were always arguments as to the "correct" music to be played.

Then, we found Afternoon Nap, with DJ Dusty.

It was a shoutcast station, and it was amazing. Truly amazing. I loved it. Everyone loved it.

Jessica and I would lie back, smoking cigarettes, laughing and telling stories, listening to the nap. If there was ever a soundtrack to a blooming romance, it was the downtempo sounds from Dusty. So many secrets shared over this music, so much magic associated forever with it.. The first time that we kissed, that we really kissed, it was there, bearing witness.

After we moved, it vanished. I spent hours looking for it, trying to find out anything about its current location. After a few months, I gave up. Jes and I were having troubles at the time, and I figured it was probably best I didn't find it, and ruin a wonderful memory.

Now, a year later, i stumbled across it. It's on Live365 now, but is otherwise unchanged. Visit DJ Dusty at, and take a listen.

It might not change your life... But it means a lot to a pair of young lovers, as a score to a love story.

April 20, 2006

the roots of it all

while i'm slowly moving on my way around the world, i'm spending a lot of time listening to the music on my iPod. since i've copied over the majority of my downtempo music to the iPod, including lots of tracks that i haven't had the time to listen to before now, i'm getting the opportunity to revisit a lot of early downtempo music (and influences thereof).

so i'm going to start blogging about the roots of downtempo to this website until i start getting new music again (or run across some downtempo news that i can spread through this site). it seems the more i get into downtempo music, the more i end up exploring the roots of the genres that cross pollinate "downtempo" (ambient, acid jazz, and hiphop).

the first album that i recently rediscovered through my iPod was called The Roots of Rap. while not really vintage rap music, this compilation contains a lot of interesting blues music. worth a listen if you're at all a fan of the blues.

March 5, 2006

gone living!

fellow downtempo music lovers: while i'm continuing to maintain this site, i have taken off on an around-the-world trip for the next year or so. if you're interested in that sort of thing, i encourage you to follow along on my travel blog "gone living" at see you in a year, when i will work on doing another overhaul on this site. enjoy the music in the meantime!

November 4, 2005

Grand Central nights in Manchester

Time to get jealous of the kids in Manchester... there are parties there every night with great events for £7-8 (see the Fat City site for details) at The Roadhouse. Tomorrow (Saturday) night it's Aim with a DJ set, along with Niko (live PA) and Gripper!

here's the skinny from Grand Central Records on tomorrow night's party:
Aim has been tucked away in the studio for some time now working on his 3rd album. It is not too far away from completion and will see a release date in the first half of next year. Aim will be releasing it on his own brand new label, ATIC, which will also feature releases from Niko and Gripper. Look out for a 4 track label sampler EP in November which has new material from all 3 artists. However, make sure you also check this label showcase at The Roadhouse where you are sure to get a sneak preview of this fresh material.

More parties on Nov 12, Nov 19th, Nov 26,

October 24, 2005

october news from !k7

while i haven't listened to either of these bands yet, here's the latest from !k7 on some of their artists:

Boozoo Bajou - Take it slow (EP/MP3) (release date: Nov 14th, UK: Nov 21st)

“Take It Slow” is the second single release from Boozoo Bajou´s longplayer masterpiece “Dust My Broom”. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful reggae love songs around. The beat is laid back and the Fender Rhodes chords sound deep. But most of all, it´s the suede voice of Joe Dukie, singer of New Zealand´s cult reggae band Fat Freddy´s Drop, that characterizes the song´s great vibe. When love is in the air, Dukie advises to “Take It Slow”. And with the song´s great atmosphere, everyone will agree. Joe Dukie is sided by the Jamaican sound system legend, the mighty U-Brown, who rounds up the love blues with his trademark mc chants.

Annie – DJ-Kicks CD/2LP/MP3

Hot off the heels of her debut "Anniemal" comes Norwegian pop-princess Annie’s installment of the DJ-Kicks series. The mix features an exclusive track entitled “The Wedding” and previously unreleased track “Gimme Your Money”.

And it looks like there's a streaming version of some of her name music available as well.

afternoon nap URL has changed

for those of you who are fans of the Afternoon Nap radio station, please note that the station url has changed to Enjoy, and keep on listening!

April 15, 2005

LOOP recordings

so a most excellent person at Compost records has now moved over to marketing at LOOP Recordings located in scenic New Zealand. here's the summary i received about them: "Run by Michael Tucker, LOOP is a multi-level medium of new ways of thinking in music and motion graphics. With 30+ releases in CD, DVD and vinyl format, the label is known to finetune the kiwi flow on an international level. Check the website"

If you haven't heard of this label before, take some time and listen to their releases on this site. Now i just need to buy the full-length version of this nice downtempo album called "Tiny Blue Biosphere" by by Rnian Sheehan on Loop....

eyesight project laptop set on 4/17 @ Cinespace

from the good people at Modus Vidvendi Music:

by popular demand Eyesight Project is back on Sunday April 17th at Cinespace playing a one-off benefit party to raise money for a documentary about animal smuggling in Ecuador. We hope you'll join us in making this happen!

And as if you didn?t know, Eyesight Project E.P. and the rest of the Modus Vivendi catalog is now available for download at fine outlets across the web for your listening pleasure (,

Plus, if you live in the L.A. area make sure to stop by at Amoeba Records and check out one of our beautifully packaged Eyesight Project E.Ps for sale.

Read the full entry for Event details....

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February 15, 2005

amon tobin does splinter cell 3 soundtrack

check out the splinter cell 3 soundtrack at ninja tune. amon tobin's done a good job on this one, and it's worth checking out for the fan of the amon tobin sound.

February 13, 2005

Boards of Canada remix of Beck

The always-different Boards of Canada is releasing a remix track for the new Beck album "Guero", which is due out on Mar 29. Here's the official word from BOC: "The melody-drenched BOC remix of "Blank Space" appears on the deluxe 2-disc version of the album, alongside remixes by Dizzee Rascal, Octet & Royksopp."

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