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new Thievery album due Feb 22!

the good word from the folks at esl music is that the new thievery corporation album "The Cosmic Game" is due out on feb 22! you can read the whole story over on their site. guest stars on the album include "Perry Farrell, The Flaming Lips and David Byrne as well as Sleepy Wonder, Lou Lou and Notch" -- it'll be interesting to see how they make that one work out.

the thievery duo are always good for some genre-bending downtempo music, so i'm looking forward to this one. 39 days to go... in the meantime, they've got a remix EP called "Babylon Rewound" that i need to take a listen to and post about.


i've been a diehard thievery fan for a while, and I've got to be honest I wasn't all too impressed with the new album Cosmic Game. It had a few tracks that I enjoyed, but it doesn't have that consistent quality throughout the CD like that of their previous releases.

My opinion of this record has changed dramatically since the last post I made. Hearing them perform tracks from "The Cosmic Gate" live left me in a state of amazement and joy that I don't think I'll experience any time soon.